WP5: Applications of energy carrier

Testing and clasification of the technical and economic utilization paths of energy carrier(s) included:

  • Investigation of combustion of pyrolysis and hydrothermal carbonisation coal in heat and power production.
  • Adaption of a FLOX burner and verification of pyrolysis oil combustion for residential heating.
  • Proof of catalytic pyrolysis oil as bio crude input to a refinery.
  • Investigation of energy carriers to form syngas for the production of synthetic fuel and chemicals.
  • Investigation of the technical and economic potential of separated chemicals.

BioSynCrude®: The Energy density of this intermediate product generated by flash pyrolysis is up to ten times higher than that of the feedstocks (KIT).

Combined heat and power plant of one of the project partners in Heilbronn, Germany (EnBW).

Project structure

The project addresses the complete value chain from feedstock potential, the investigation of pyrolysis and hydrothermal carbonisation conversion technologies, the optimisation of transport and logistics to the exploitation of the energy carrier and its by-products. The techno/economic and environmental assessment includes the complete supply chain.

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