WP4: Transport & Logistics

Development of a holistic logistic model to optimize biomass and energy carrier transportation regarding distances, costs and CO2 emissions and to identify optimum locations for de-central and central plants.

Storage requirements, start-up and operation costs were simulated and evaluated by calculating performance figures such as cost or environmental impact.

WP4: Transport & logistic

A sophisticated optimization environment was constructed that can automatically select optimal locations, means, modes and times of transport of the whole supply chain as well as incorporate partially user-provided selection of these parameters.

WP4: Transport & logistic

Simulation of the holistic logistic model by the parameters feedstock supply, transportation routes, storage size, means of transport, plant locations and size in regard to CO2 emission, distances, applied vehicles, risks and distribution costs.

The BioBoost Simulator a model for the evaluation of processes for 2nd generation bio-fuels was developed. A customized algorithm optimizes locations and capacities of plants as well as biomass and energy carrier logistics. The Simulator was developed by HEAL the Heuristic and Evolutionary Algorithms Laboratory of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (FHOOE). Using the Simulator helps to analyse which regions in Europe would be ideal for first implementation of industrial-scale plants for 2nd generation bio fuels. You can also easily analyse the profitability of such plants.

Follow the link to download the software as an add-on for HeuristicLab.

Project structure

The project addresses the complete value chain from feedstock potential, the investigation of pyrolysis and hydrothermal carbonisation conversion technologies, the optimisation of transport and logistics to the exploitation of the energy carrier and its by-products. The techno/economic and environmental assessment includes the complete supply chain.

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