WP2: Decentralized conversion technologies to an energy carrier

Selection of feedstock for decentralized conversion technologies and their physical-chemical characterisation.

Optimization of the conversion technologies: Fast pyrolysis (FP), catalytic pyrolysis (CP)
and hydrothermal carbonization (HTC).

Best feedstock preparation, reactor feeding techniques, optimisation of operating conditions, catalysts etc. on small and medium scale.

Preparation and characterization of various types of energy carriers on small scale.

Production, storage, transport and handling techniques (1-10 t scale) for optimised energy carriers (pyrolysis slurries and oil and HTC biocoal).

Project structure

The project addresses the complete value chain from feedstock potential, the investigation of pyrolysis and hydrothermal carbonisation conversion technologies, the optimisation of transport and logistics to the exploitation of the energy carrier and its by-products. The techno/economic and environmental assessment includes the complete supply chain.

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