Extraction of high value by-products

Extraction of valuable chemical by-products

Typical two-dimensional gas chromatography ToFMS analysis of an extract rich in phenolic components as extracted from CPO.

In BioBoost, there was a strong focus on the economics of the processes. To improve the economics of the overall value chains the extraction of chemical byproducts from the pyrolysis products and the HTC process were investigated by AVACO2, CHIMAR and DSM Focus was set on:

Recovery of phenolic compounds and organic acids from fast and catalytic pyrolysis.

Simplified extraction scheme for organic acid and phenol recovery from CPO

Recovery of furanoics from HTC and pyrolysis aqueous effluents and condensates.

Ammonia content in HTC process water in dependence of reaction temperature and time reaching concentrations up to 1 g/L converting green parts of vegetables.

Recovery of primary and secondary nutrients from HTC process water.


Analysis methods and complete extraction scheme developed for fast pyrolysis and catalytic pyrolysis phenol/organic acid extraction.


For catalytic pyrolysis testing on pilot scale with larger quantities required.


Phenolic fractions of catalytic pyrolysis oil can be used as phenol substitutes for up to 50 % in the synthesis of resins and also as platform for other chemicals and polymers.


Ready for technical implementation.


HMF production process may beneficially be combined with an HTC process.

Separate process for HMF production developed.


Investigate combined processes.