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BioBoost Navigator

Quick guide to the BioBoost Navigator

The aim of the BioBoost Navigator is to inform about modeled costs, sites and sizes of three pathways for the conversion of residue biomass to usable bioenergy products in the European Union. The modeling was made with the Heuristic Lab software of the University of Applied Science Upper Austria Results are not absolute but approximations, which may differ from model run to run.

Broken conversion pathways:

The pathways are characterised by biomass conversion to a long-distance transportable energy carrier in smaller plants and upgrading to the final product in large, central plants, as shown in the figure below.


Step 1: Select your scenario

Scenario selection:


one of the 3 biomass conversion technologies (see above)

the geographical area (EU or part of it)

the biomass feedstock price (low, -25% / normal / high, +50%)

the implementation phase (first plants at best locations / medium / broad implementation with high degree of biomass use)

Step 2: Generate your map

Click on the GENERATE MAP-button to display the scenario.

Step 3: Display your data by choosing the right layer

*: Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics. For technical reasons, some large NUTS were split in the Navigator

Display of modeling results:

Step 4: Comparison of production costs components for selected regions

Comparison of production costs components:

Plants can be compared by the composition of the production costs and the amounts in a chart. The comparison is restricted to the end product.

Select a layer from the right column (showing results for the final product)


Select plants for comparison by click on the respective NUTS you would like to compare with each other.

Step 5: Download your data as CSV file

Data export:

The complete dataset (117 parameters) of the selected scenario can be downloaded as csv by click on the EXPORT CSV-button.

Support and advise/consultation

If you …

  • are interested in visualized results of layers not displayed in the Navigator,
  • search for the optimal site for your bioenergy project
  • have a pathway with different input parameters
  • ???

…do not hesitate to contact the

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