21.01.2013 - 22.01.2013 Fuels of the Future 2013

BioBoost present on the Fuels of the Future 2013 - 10th Conference on Biofuels

"The participants of the 10th Conference on Biofuels “Fuels of the Future” meet at Berlin’s International Congress Centre on 21 and 22 January 2013. Germany’s next federal election will be held in September 2013 and lead to new government constellations with a different political orientation. During the BBE / UFOP Conference  representatives of the parliamentary groups are expected to give answers to some of the pressing questions on the future development of the biofuel market..."

The BioBoost consortium member and coordinator Karlsruhe Institut fuer Technologie KIT will conduct a presentation on - The project BioBoost – Optimisation of biofuel production from residues and waste materials -  by the authors A. Kruse, A. Niebel, R. Stahl, .