05.3.2013 - 07.03.2013 BioBoost Plenary Meeting in Delft

The BioBoost consortium held the 3rd Plenary Meeting from 5th to 7th March 2013 at the TNO site in Delft in the Netherlands hosted by the beneficiaries TNO and DSM. The consortium was welcomed by Arij van Berkel, CEO Chemicals, TNO. Mr. Berkel emphasised the role of BioBoost to set an example in bringing forward innovative technological advances matched with the demand for economical, social and environmental sustainability in our today as well as future society and environment.
The substitutional coordinator Nicolaus Dahmen (KIT) took the chance to introduce himself to the consortium. Mr. Dahmen pointed out that the project has made significant progress in last months and that the goal during the course of the meeting should be to identify and solve important overaching questions in the project.
The meeting started with the workshop on sustainability analysis organized by TNO. The workshop gave a very detailed insight in the results of the techno-economical and environmental assessments. Group sessions focused on the evaluation criteria of the specific technology pathways and lead to fruitful discussions on the importance in the consistency of the chosen benchmarks and reference values throughout the project, as well as the need to reconsider certain reference figures.
The presented work progress and results of the work packages are according to the schedule of the work plan. Open discussions and small group meetings helped to point out where interaction and data exchange needs to be intensified in the consortium to improve results and next steps. A city tour through the centre of Delft brought to attention the historic charm of the city.The meeting was rounded by delicate and harmonious evening dinner.